My name is Natalie Amabile and I am the proud owner of 2 Sisters A & L. I opened the boutique in March of 2016. I have two daughters, Ava and Lily, and a son, Johnny. Can you guess what the A & L stand for now? My love for fashion started from a young age. The colors, prints, and fabrics allowed for such a creative outlet for me. There was something about it that was truly energizing. It was exciting and I definitely created my own unique style. In high school, I was on the Nordstrom Fashion Board and it was then that I knew I had found my calling. I studied at Columbia College and received my bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising. I was a Dress and Accessory buyer for Nordstrom until I had my first child. When my kids were back in school full-time, I got the itch to jump back into the fashion world. That’s when 2 Sisters A & L came alive.
I live in Park Ridge and LOVE this community. My customers and the personal relationships we have created over these past four years mean so much to me and I am extremely grateful. Being a personal stylist is so rewarding to me. I want people to know that fashion isn’t always something brand new. I can help you  transform pieces already in your closet from previous seasons and give you ideas of how you can wear them now, adding a new piece or two! My passion for style and to make people happy and feel good are only a few reasons why I do what I do. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and I love helping make that happen! I hope to see you at the store one day or help you navigate our online store. I can’t thank you enough for your support!